Peer Reviewed:
King, Jonathan M. and Ian Ostrander. 2020. “Prioritizing Judicial Nominations after Presidential Transitions.” Presidential Studies Quarterly 50 (3): 592-610. [PDF]
We use a unique dataset of all district court federal judicial vacancies from 1981-2019 that exist at the start of a president coming to their first term in office. We find significant variation in the time administrations take to nominate judges. Furthermore, presidents prioritize nominations to districts with multiple vacancies or those that have senators politically aligned with the administration.

King, Jonathan M., Peter McAndrews, and Ian Ostrander. 2022. “President Trump and the Politics of Judicial Nominations.” Justice System Journal 43(4): 524-543. [PDF]
We provide an examination of the Trump presidency’s impact on the federal judiciary. During his time in office, President Trump was able to fill an historic number of judicial vacancies but was not universally successful. We provide an analysis and assessment of Trump’s legacy on judicial appointments.

King, Jonathan M. and Jessica A. Schoenherr. “A Matter of Opinion? The Strategic Selection of Supreme Court Opinion Writers.” Forthcoming at The Journal of Law and Courts. [Abstract]
Using two survey experiments on pro-abortion and pro-death penalty Supreme Court decisions, we find that selecting incongruent justices with controversial takes does not increase support for a decision. However, the presence of an incongruent opinion writer can mitigate the impact of partisanship on opinion support.

Working Papers:
Under Review:
“Quick to Judge? Confirmation by Cloture in the Post-Nuclear Senate” (with Ian Ostrander) [Abstract]
“The Influence of Federal Society Affiliation on Senator Voting in Federal Judicial Nominations” (with Christine C. Bird and Zachary A. McGee) [Abstract]

In Progress:
“The Determinants of Senator Voting in Lower Court Nominations: Partisanship, Senate Rules, and Nominee Diversity” [Abstract]
“Following the Leader? The Role of Personality in Circuit Court Compliance with Supreme Court Decisions” [Abstract]
“Gender and Judicial Nominations” (with Jessica A. Schoenherr and Ian Ostrander) [Abstract]
“Just a Number? The Impact of Age on Federal Judicial Nominations” [Abstract]
“‘You Reached Out to Me for Help’: Female Attorneys, Anti-Feminist Causes, and Their Effects on Symbolic Representation” (with Jessica A. Schoenherr and Katelyn E. Stauffer)[Abstract]